Welcome to Roku

Welcome to Roku

Activate Roku Device

Activate Roku device – Roku.com/link

Roku device is an entertainment kit and best streaming device in the world. Users can watch TV shows of all sorts, drama, web series, cartoons, video etc. In this facility, add more channels that are available on system from the channel store. It’s good replacement for cable connection services.

Here is some Roku products listed :-

  1. Streaming Stick
  2. Express
  3. Premiere
  4. Ultra

Simple Steps to Create Roku Account

We provide you simple steps to create Roku account. Follow them:-

  • Visit Roku official website
  • Click on the Sign in menu
  • Go to “Create Account” tab
  • Complete the account with the help of the details given below
    • First name*
    • Last name*
    • Email*
    • Password*
  • Tick on Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy
  • Verify captcha then, click on “Continue”

Activate roku

Finally, You have successfully created an account.

Simple Steps to Setup Roku Device

We provide you simple steps to Setup Roku device. Follow them:-

  1. Open the box of Roku device
  2. Connect the device with cable or adapter
  3. Plug power cable into wall
  4. Check Network connection
  5. Insert Batteries with Roku Remote
  6. Turn on your TV
  7. Select option using Remote
  8. Complete the required information before software updates
  9. Now sign in with Roku account

Once you have completed setup Roku device. Enjoy it.

Simple Steps to Activate Roku Device

We provide you simple steps to Activate Roku device. Follow them:-

  • Open computer or laptop
  •  Launch internet browser
  •  Visit official link: www.roku.com/link
  •  Enter Roku activation code
  •  Click on ‘Submit’
  •  Now, Sign in with Roku account
  •  Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.
  •  Now,  your device will take some updates, after that you can enjoy with Roku Device.